New association to promote plant-based food launched in Finland

Founded last month, Plant Based Food Finland (or Pro Vege in Finnish) brings together large grocery chains such as Lidl, Kesko and SOK alongside vegan dairy producers such as Oatly and Porlammi dairy, non-profit organisations such as WWF, and a range of other companies and organisations.

The overall purpose of the association is to increase the share of plant-based foods in the Finnish food system,​” said Oatly’s Niklas Kaskeala, who is also Plant Based Food Finland’s chairman. The way to achieve this is to make plant-based food attractive to as many people as possible. “The association is committed to elucidating the interconnections among the food system, climate change, biodiversity, culinary traditions, and public health​.”

Some of the main routes to achieving this are, according to Kaskeala, through activities such as engaging in strategic activity aimed at key policymakers, organising collaborative events and seminars, commissioning and conducting research and surveys, and implementing communication, consultancy and campaigns promoting plant-based nutrition.

Education about plant-based nutrition is a particularly key aspect of Plant Based Food Finland’s mission, and is ‘one of the priorities outlined in the association’s bylaws’, Kaskeala told us.

Collaboration across industry

Collaboration is an important part of the association’s goals. For example, it will collaborate with other, similar organisations based in other European countries. “The association will seek to collaborate actively with other similar organisations, especially its counterparts in other Nordic countries and elsewhere in Europe​.”