ImperialOel on innovating within a shifting omega-3 market

Oliver Kromer, CEO of ImperalOel, underlines the importance of identifying sustainable solutions, explaining: “In the EU, the FDA recommends 250 milligrams of EPA and DHA per day. There are other recommendations that are even higher than that… so if you look at the global population and if every human being took that amount, then we wouldn’t have a single fish left in the ocean.

“So, we cannot satisfy humans omega-3 demand with the fish we get in the ocean,” he stresses.

He says that the team’s current focus on vegan omega-3s and innovative format types would enable for their continued success within the challenging market.

The company was previously recognised by NutraIngredients for their innovation, winning the NutraIngredient Editor’s Choice award in 2015 for its omega-3 separating pouch, MarisMix OmegaPassion DHA.

Kromer highlights that the win enabled for valuable networking opportunities with new customers to demonstrate their recent innovations.

“I think it’s important to show customers that you’re able to innovate and you’re able to come up with new ideas. In order to be an attractive supplier, you have to be innovative.

“We are getting a lot of interest in our company and the products we can do. So it was definitely very valuable for us to receive the NutraIngredient award,” he adds.

Omega market

Kromer explains the current challenges: “The market is in a bit of a transition phase, I would say. We have a severe shortage for fish oils and exploding prices, which are about twice as high as they were a year ago.