Global dairy giants including Nestlé and Danone vow to disclose and tackle methane emissions from their dairy supply chains

Danone, Nestlé, Lactalis USA, General Mills, Kraft Heinz and Bel Group have joined forces in a new industry partnership led by the global nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in a bid to foster transparency and accountability on methane emissions from dairy supply chains.

As part of the Dairy Methane Action Alliance, each company has committed to two key milestones – measure and publicly disclose their methane emissions, and produce a public action plan detailing how these dairy-related methane emissions will be reduced.

Katie Anderson, senior director, EDF+Business, Food & Forests, explained: “The action plan is going to need to be tailored to specific geographies and each company is going to have a different way of doing that based on where it is sourcing from and what the specific opportunities are in that context. So it needs to be very tailored to their specific strategies.”

The companies will have until mid-2024 to disclose their methane emissions and the action plans to be finalized by the end of 2024, with EDF providing technical guidance with best-possible emissions factors “to help companies understand how to go from their full scope to the methane components in it,” as Anderson said. The non-profit organization will also offer support with best practices for accounting and disclosure, and access to new research and emerging solutions, while the sustainability nonprofit Ceres will lead the development of a methane action plan template and will assist EDF with reviewing the companies’ progress, which will also be released to the public.