Breaking good: First KitKat using cocoa from the Nestlé Income Accelerator launches in Europe

Famous for its marketing catchphrase, ‘Have a break – have a KitKat’, the new sustainable initiative that helps close the living income gap of cocoa-farming families and reduce child labour risk in its supply chain, will be identified on a variation of the slogan: ‘Breaks for Good’.

The European launch of the programme took place at Nestlé’s Hamburg factory where most of the iconic bars are now produced. The IAP was established in January 2022 to raise awareness about the sustainability of cocoa mass from beans grown by farmer families engaged in the programme.

At the same time, it strives to advance better agriculture practices and promote gender equality, empowering women as agents for positive change. The programme incentivizes cocoa-farming families that enroll their children in school, implement good agricultural practices, engage in agroforestry activities, and diversify their incomes.

Traceability standards

Nestlé said the cocoa mass from the income accelerator programme adheres to one of the highest traceability standards, ensuring “mixed identity preserved” traceability, enabling cocoa to be traced and stored separately.

The company also plans to use segregated cocoa butter, the other ingredient in chocolate bars, for all of its KitKats in Europe from the middle of this year, with plans to expand to other regions in the coming years.

“KitKat has consistently embraced innovation, centred around its iconic ‘Have a break, Have a KitKat’. Today, this innovation is brought to life through the ‘Breaks for Good’ initiative that puts cocoa farmers at the center of our product through our income accelerator program,” said Corinne Gabler, Head of Confectionery and Ice Cream at Nestlé. “We couldn’t think of a better brand than KitKat to represent our efforts to create meaningful impact in cocoa communities.”